Read This If Your Lashes Won’t Curl

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I have the straightest lashes ever. Period. End of story.

If I didn’t spend 10 minutes on my lashes in the morning they would point straight down no matter what mascara I applied. I know there are solutions like lash extensions and lash perms, but those are both costly and require a lot of upkeep. Over the past few years I’ve tried so many mascaras in hopes of finding something that gives me perfectly curled eyelashes, but I always end up disappointed. Most formulas I tried – even the waterproof ones – made my finicky lashes clumpy and spidery (or worse), weighed them down and straightened them out even after I had spent a good ten minutes curling them.

The two things that are the most crucial components of keeping a curl are a good pair of curlers and heavy duty waterproof mascara.

In terms of eyelash curlers, I often switch between my Kevyn Aucoin curlers or the cult classic Shu Umera curlers. Each get the job done, but the Kevyn Aucoin ones seem to get the closest grip to the base of my lashes. Place the curlers as close to possible to the base of the eyelashes and pump the curlers open and closed to get a good crimp on the lashes. Hold down the curlers for 1-2 minutes and quickly move to mascara.

In the last year I had a major eyelash aha moment when I discovered Japanese mascaras. Japanese girls know the struggle of straight eyelashes more than anyone and they’ve developed some killer formulas that keep them lifted and full all day. These mascaras are also extremely waterproof and won’t go anywhere if you take a shower, swim or cry when you wear them (trust me, I cry every time an Iams commercial plays on TV).

My first foray into Japanese Mascaras was the Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara. This formula gives me the most perfectly curled lashes that stay put all day. The thick wand evenly distributes the product, but because it is so big I tend to get some extra mascara on my eyelids no matter how hard I try not to.

Fairy Drops had some distribution problems late last year and I couldn’t find it anywhere so I decided to try Heroine Make’s Long and Curl mascara. Both the Long and Make and Volume and Make versions will give you lifted and full lashes, but the Long and Make gives me even longer and more evenly separated lashes. In the last few weeks I’ve been reaching for the Heroine Make’s version over the Fairy Drops version because it’s so easy to apply and I rarely have any transfer on my eyelids. Both formulas are very dry, so as a rule of thumb you should veer towards drier formulas: the drier the formula=the less your lashes will droop.

Are there any waterproof formulas I have to try? Have you had any success with eyelash extensions or perms? Let me know below!

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