A Love Affair with Lipstick Queen

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My recent product of choice to hoard in excessive quantities has been lipstick. Lipstick Queen is brand that is relatively new to me, but has quickly become the most prevalent lipstick brand in my collection. After trying my first Lipstick Queen purchase, the Endless Summer collection lipstick in Aloha I immediately went back to the store to buy every other red shade in the collection.

The unscented, balmy, and smooth formula of these lipsticks have truly won me over. There’s no drying, pulling or uncomfortable feeling on the lips, only a subtle glossy finish. Although these may not have the greatest lasting power, I much prefer these over some bolder and longer-lasting lip colors I own for work and casual nights out.

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As much as I love the Saint range, the real gems from this collection are the color changing lipsticks. Frog Prince (pictured above) looks green in the bullet but when applied to the lips turns the most perfect mauve pink I’ve ever seen. The Dior color changing balm used to be my holy grail lip product and I’ve gone through at least 5 tubes of the stuff, but this has quickly replaced it as my favorite lip balm.

Similar to the Frog Prince, the Hello Sailor promises to change from the blue color in the tube to a subtle berry color. Although the textures are similar in both, this color barely shows up on my lips and leaves behind a blue sheen and is unfortunately my least favorite of the Lipstick Queen lipsticks I own.

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My most recent purchase has been the Jean Queen. On a trip to the Birchbox Store in Soho I picked this up and carried it around while perusing the shelves. While looking around 3 sales girls came up to me on separate occasions and told me that Jean Queen was their favorite lip color in the whole store. Safe to say I was sold on this color without even trying it on and this little guy came home to join its five siblings in my makeup stash.

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From Left to Right: Saint Rose, Jean Queen, Frog Prince, Saint Scarlet Red, Aloha, Hello Sailor


From Bottom to Top: Saint Rose, Jean Queen, Frog Prince, Saint Scarlet Red, Aloha, Hello Sailor

Which one is your favorite? Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or if there are any other ones I should try!



  1. Arielle · September 25, 2015

    These are so beautiful! You should do makeup looks with them too 🙂


    • beauty lexicon · September 30, 2015

      I definitely will! They’re such great reds I’m thinking of doing a holiday look with them!


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