Mask Must: Tata Harper Limited Edition Honey Blossom Resurfacing Mask

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I love a good mask, but I have more than I could possibly put on my face in a month of facials. I imposed a mask-buying ban on myself this summer and vowed to finish all the masks I already own before I bought a new one.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

…that was until I saw that Tata Harper was releasing a limited edition version of her Resurfacing Mask. I missed out on the limited edition plum version two years ago, so when I saw this on instagram I bought it right away. Tata made 1500 of these honey masks and as soon as I opened it I was tempted to buy a few more before they sold out. Like the original resurfacing mask, this one has a jelly-like texture and when spread on your face resembles marmalade.

The  golden honey in this version adds a level of hydration to the mask and aids dehydration, dullness, as well as blemishes. Also, I find that this is one of the few masks that doesn’t make me break out days after I use it and leaves me with perfectly smooth skin. Unfortunately for me, this is by far my favorite version of the resurfacing mask and I’m devastated that it is limited edition! The day I finish this jar of golden sunshine will be very distressing.


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